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Plan for the Future. Follow the Leader.

Leading Retirement Solutions provides retirement plan services for businesses.

"We recommend and implement retirement plan solutions that make it as easy as possible for emerging business owners to offer solid retirement planning solutions to their employees," says Leading Retirement Solution's Founder and President Kirsten Curry.

Our team of highly trained and credentialed professionals provide a variety of retirement plan services to our clients, including plan design, plan administration, and recordkeeping. Leading Retirement Solutions also provides tax sheltering and retirement savings solutions for business owners, investors and their family members.

Leading Retirement Solutions is headquartered in Seattle, WA with a national presence as we manage retirement plan assets for clients in all 50 states. Our team of experts is available to support our clients across all US time zones.

our advantages

designed by entrepreneurs
for entrepreneurs

Our culture is one of customer driven solutions. In the face of constantly changing laws and regulations, we are proud to be considered at the forefront of new technology and services supporting the retirement plan industry. The access we provide to extensive and diverse investments is no exception.

peace of mind

Because we are independent from the brokerage firms, we offer the widest choice of investments for you and your employees—some 24,000 mutual funds alone, plus alternative investments not typically available to small companies, including:

  • Shares/ownership in your own business
  • Membership interest in other ventures
  • Real estate
  • Agriculture and maritime rights
  • Other types of loans and liens
  • Assets such as equipment or livestock

Investment Advisor Selection Process

Leading Retirement Solutions regularly conducts investment advisor and other retirement plan service provider searches for our clients, all across the country. With clients in 45 states, our process includes a provider search, interview process and assistance with your ultimate selection so that you can make the best, informed decision for your retirement plan and its participants.


Retirement plans are complicated and mistakes can be costly, but employees and employers both want to save for retirement while reducing their taxable income. That’s where Leading Retirement Solutions comes in. We will design, set up and administer the right retirement plan program for your company’s needs, ensuring that you’re in compliance and that your employees’ nest eggs grow.


mission & values

Our mission: to proactively support organizations and lead them toward a secure future.

  • Collaboration - Our dedicated team works hands-on with clients to ensure we provide them with the best retirement solutions.
  • Financial Empowerment - We commit ourselves to helping people retire with a sense of freedom.
  • Knowledge - Our team of highly trained and credentialed experts work to educate and lead our clients toward success.
  • Proactivity - We hold ourselves accountable in anticipating regulatory changes and keeping you and your plan in compliance.
  • Dedication – We provide exceptional customer service and ensure that we are friendly, timely, and responsive whenever corresponding with our clients.
  • Security – With an emphasis on high technological standards, we lead you toward peace of mind that your savings and investments are protected.
  • Transparency – We take pride in representing the retirement plan industry as an open, honest, and socially responsible firm with our clients.