client testimonials

Dr. Philip A. Young, M.D.

Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Philip A. Young, M.D., President, Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

"As the president of Leading Retirement Solutions, Kirsten goes above and beyond for her clients. She financially steered our company in the right direction and saved us a huge amount of money while doing so. The world of financial planning can often be full of "corporate speak" and complicated language, but LRS was able to efficiently translate details and important facts to us, making the experience smooth and professional."

Jonathon Kohanoff

President, Diamond Business Loans

Jonathon Kohanoff, President, Diamond Business Loans

"LRS was very informative and provided details that were very easy to understand. They let me know exactly what I was getting into in terms of compliance, fees, and the type of package I picked, so I knew it was the right thing for my business to take on."

Mindy Pfeiffer

Administrative Manager, Concord Engineering

"After meeting with several companies to discuss our 401K plans and needs, we were so happy to connect with LRS. Kirsten and her staff were able to help us understand the process, develop a plan that fits our company's needs and future goals, and effectively roll out a plan to our employees in a very tight time frame. They were easy to work with and are always helpful. We know we are in good hands."

Shanaz Diefendorf

Co-Founder, Derflan Inc.

"I would highly recommend LRS for a small business who needs an administrator to process deductions, oversee compliance issues and provide employee portals. Their fees are very reasonable, uploading deduction spreadsheets and other documents are seamless, and they seem to have the requisite knowledge to assist us as our plan has evolved based on employee needs."