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Retirement Industry Professionals: The 5 Blogs You Need to be Reading

November 11, 2016

In the ever-changing regulatory environment that is the retirement industry, it is important to stay caught up on the most important news and changes within the field.

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Where should you go to stay up to date? These blogs provide the best insights from experts, for experts.

1) fi360


fi360 helps financial intermediaries use prudent fiduciary practices to profitably gather, grow, and protect investors’ assets.


The company's blog features insights from the fi360 team on the issues affecting investment fiduciary responsibility, including current developments in regulation and litigation, implementing prudent investment practices, answering your fiduciary questions, and more.

2) Leading Retirement Solutions


The Leading Retirement Solutions (LRS) Blog provides a comprehensive mix of important regulatory news directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other reputable sources, as well as important tips and information directly from the LRS Team that can aid professionals in every part of the industry.


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Information about LRS' President, Kirsten Curry, as well as company updates, are also included in the blog.

3) Benefits Pro


Benefits Pro is designed to provide benefits brokers, benefits managers and retirement advisors the news, resources and tools they need.


Their blog combines established knowledge resources and news reporting capabilities with proprietary market data and relevant content aggregated from across the Web to create one distinct and vital information source for all employee benefits and retirement professionals.

The blog is powered by Benefits Pro Magazine and FreeErisa.

4) For Us All


ForUsAll is a company that combines investment expertise and HR technology to help offer responsible investments, educate employees, stay compliant, and meet fiduciary responsibilities.

4The company's blog focuses particularly on 401(k) plans and sheds lights on their benefits and other must-knows for participants.

5) Squared Away Blog


The Squared Away Blog has been recognized by both The Wall Street Journal and AARP.  “In clear, straightforward language,” writes AARP blogger and NBC Today financial editor Jean Chatzky, the blog “delves into what future and current retirees need to focus on.”


This blog covers anything having to do with financial behavior, psychology and our U.S. money culture. Written by Kimberly Blanton (@SquaredAwayBC), who has written for The Boston Globe and The Economist, the blog aims to provide any information that might help Americans of all ages better understand their behavior so that they can act in their own best interest – and get their all-important financial matters “squared away.”


Take a look at the Leading Retirement Solutions Blog for more industry insights and information!

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