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Antique Consignment Store


Cindy the bookeeper (owner)  Antique/Consignment Store          Arizona


Cindy was an entrepreneur looking to fund her first business venture in antiques. Unfortunately, she had no working capital and the conventional methods of getting a business loan were also not an option. Cindy began looking for alternative methods or nontraditional forms to fund her startup when she found LRS.


One of our experts in retirement and investments strategies identified what Cindy's goals were for her business, how much she needed to fund her business, and what she wished to do with her business over the long run. Then all of her available assets were looked at and a recommendation was made that would allow her to gain the capital she required and avoid paying any unncessary penalties, fees, or taxes.


Working with Cindy's financial advisor, we helped her use monies from her 401(k) as capital to start her business. 

  • She paid no taxes
  • Incurred no withdraw penalties 
  • And there was no limitation on the funds distributed

"I’ve been working with Leading Retirement Solutions since 2009... and I felt that the values and culture of the business I am a part of echoed those of LRS. Each member of the team delivers consistent results, and I especially appreciated the fast response times that is a characteristic of the company as a whole. The collective dedication for the work LRS does is evident and I knew I was in good hands from the beginning."

- Cindy I.

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