About Us


Our mission is to protect and grow the retirement assets of our clients and their employees through integrated client relationships and the use of cutting edge technology.


Leading Retirement Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of retirement plan services that are designed to integrate with your company to ensure all services performed are delivered seamlessly, in a timely manner, and in compliance with government regulations.

Leading Retirement Solutions was designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We understand that owners and operators of your business need to focus their attention on business activities that generate revenue. Sponsoring a retirement plan for the benefit of your employees does not have to be an administrative or legal burden. Leading Retirement Solutions provides your administrative, record-keeping, reporting, compliance, education, and plan design services, helping you to alleviate administrative burdens and ensure the plan and its administration comply with government regulations.

The advantages of sponsoring a retirement plan are great. By providing retirement benefits to your employees, you are taking care of the people who promote and ensure the success of your company. Sponsoring a retirement plan can also result in significant tax savings for the sponsoring employer.

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