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Leading Retirement Solution’s mission is to provide the retirement plan industry customized, reliable solutions that maximize the benefits of a company retirement plan for its owners, employees and investors. Our unique solutions address the challenges and needs experienced by a wide range of businesses we serve. Our consultative approach and high-touch customer service cultivates successful growth and profitability for our clients.

WHAT SETS US APART                                                                                  

Leading Retirement Solutions (LRS) was designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Founder and President Kirsten Curry started LRS after helping to launch another startup to phenomenal success. Prior to her work in startups, Curry worked for over a decade as a commercial fisherman, alongside both men and women who dedicated nights, weekends, and holidays to their trade. The commercial fishing industry helped to foster Curry’s entrepreneurial spirit as well as her work ethic.

Because of her experience with emerging businesses, Curry knows what it takes to design and implement business plans for developing companies in a constant state of change. For many female entrepreneurs, a common obstacle can be finding a voice in a typically male-associated field, like financial and retirement planning. However, today’s career landscape is seeing an increasing amount of positive change in terms of gender roles. An example is our team at LRS, comprised of both male and female retirement plan administrators, record-keepers, and payroll experts.

Leading Retirement Solutions is proud to be a woman-owned business, and we are equally proud to support other businesses aimed at increasing the livelihood and the resources of women around the world, such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, committed to ending breast cancer, and Kiva, whose goal is to make capital more accessible for small business owners, many of whom are women living in developing countries.

We understand that owners and operators of any business need and want to focus their attention on business activities that generate revenue. Sponsoring a retirement plan for the benefit of your employees does not have to be an administrative or legal burden. Leading Retirement Solutions provides your administrative, recordkeeping, reporting, compliance, education, and plan design services, helping you to alleviate administrative burdens and ensure the plan and its administration comply with government regulations. We also offer consultative services including: Late filed Form 5500, correction programs, DOL & IRS audit support, enhanced contribution services and more.










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