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The Leading Cannabis 401(k)®

Leveling the playing field for cannabis companies


As of January 2024, the legal cannabis industry supports over 440,445 full-time equivalent jobs. Source: Vangst

In a competitive job market, it’s essential that your company has the tools it needs to attract new employees and retain existing ones. For many employees, a 401(k) Plan is an important part of their compensation. But for companies in the cannabis industry, the ability to offer this important benefit has been out-of-reach. Until now.

A new groundbreaking 401(k) Plan is now available for companies in the cannabis industry. It offers similar services, investments and pricing, just like you are used to seeing with a 401(k) Plan. Get started today by requesting a proposal.


Developed by a group of financial, legal and retirement industry veterans who are already serving the cannabis industry with tax and employee benefits solutions.


A comprehensive retirement plan solution from design, to implementation, to administration and investment oversight. We ensure your Leading Cannabis 401(k)® Plan is in compliance and helps your employees grow their retirement savings.


  • Available across the country.
  • Competitive service & pricing.
  • Access to traditional and nontraditional investments.
  • Cannabis approved financial institutions and service providers.
  • Company Contribution programs.
  • Employee and participant call center.
  • Payroll contribution Processing.

Tax Credits & Deductions Available for Cannabis Companies with a Retirement Plan

Federal tax credits and tax deductions are available to cannabis companies and organizations that adopt a 401(k) Plan. Tax credits available to companies for starting a retirement plan are different from tax deductions available to companies for making company contributions to a retirement plan over time.

In 2022, Congress passed the SECURE Act 2.0, providing for the most comprehensive retirement plan legislation since 2019! Under the SECURE Act 2.0, small business start up credits increased from 50 percent to 100 percent for employers with 50 employees or less.  In the case of defined benefit plans, additional credit will be provided.  

Keep in mind, that a company can claim federal tax credits as well as federal tax deductions. A federal tax credit reduces tax liability dollar for dollar, whereas a federal tax deduction reduces the amount of taxable income. Taxable income, in turn, is used to calculate tax liability. Tax credits are generally more valuable because they reduce the amount owed to the federal government. Tax deductions, on the other hand, reduce tax liability by the tax rate for every dollar of the deduction.



We will design and set up a Leading Cannabis 401(k)TM Plan that meets your company's needs.


Our Leading Cannabis 401(k)® Plan accounts for Internal Revenue Code 280E and COGS adjustments.


Our Cannabis 401(k) Trustees accept your employee and company contributions.


Our legal team will advocate for your employee benefit rights.


Leading Retirement Solutions has been supporting cannabis companies with their 401(k) Plan needs since 2014. In early 2019, we teamed up with a number of other financial service and retirement plan professionals to craft The Leading Cannabis 401(k)® Plan, which overcomes the traditional barriers cannabis companies face when looking to put a 401(k) Plan in place.

At Leading Retirement Solutions, we are committed to ensuring that all companies in all industries have access to retirement savings solutions and resources  they need to support their employees in preparing for a financially secure retirement. That is one of the reasons Leading Retirement Solutions continues to work with cannabis companies; to provide the knowledge and tools the cannabis industry needs to take full advantage of all opportunities legally available to help them realize their potential as a driving force in the U.S. economy.

Providing Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans for the Cannabis Industry

As we continue to help cannabis companies with their retirement planning needs, we're working to provide a more diverse array of long term savings options. Which is why we launched the Cannabis Cash Balance Plan; a trustee directed retirement plan solution for organizations operating in the cannabis industry. By partnering with an approved retirement plan custodian this strategy supports Defined Benefit, Cash Balance, and other Trustee Directed Retirement Plans. With nationwide availability our newest solution overcomes the traditional barriers cannabis companies face when looking to implement a legal retirement plan.

Cannabis Payroll Providers

Leading Retirement Solutions is directly connected with these payroll/HRIS technology applications and can offer 180 and/or 360 payroll contribution integration to any payroll company that uses these payroll/HRIS technology applications:

Click here for more LRS Payroll Partners!

Let us design a plan to meet your company's goals



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