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For all your cannabis-related retirement planning questions

401(k) vs State Sponsored Retirement Plans for Growing Cannabis Businesses

With state-mandated retirement plans becoming a reality in many of the states with legal cannabis operations, we evaluate state-administered plans with the benefits of a 401(k) plan.




Mandatory Retirement Plan Deadlines for Cannabis Companies

Are cannabis companies required to offer retirement benefits? As of September 2021, Oregon, California, Illinois, and Maryland have mandates in place requiring cannabis companies of specific sizes to adopt a retirement plan. Seven other states are following in their footsteps.


Are California Cannabis Companies Required to Enroll in Calsavers?

As cannabis is subject to state instead of federal regulation, rules and regulations for cannabis use and business differ depending on which state you are in.



Retirement Benefits Help Cannabis Companies Retain Top Talent!

Upper-level turnover has catastrophic impacts on a cannabis company’s ability to compete in the industry. Luckily, offering retirement benefits at your cannabis company can prevent management turnover.


Retirement Plan Deadlines for Cannabis Companies

As more and more companies in the cannabis industry consider implementing retirement plans they should be aware of a few important deadlines, both in the retirement planning space and with regard to state mandates.


The Essential Role of Ancillary Networks in the Cannabis Industry

As anyone in the cannabis industry knows, running a direct cannabis business is no simple feat. This is why ancillary cannabis businesses are such vital partners to have: They can offer the services cannabis companies can’t, bolstering said companies and the industry at-large.


Enhance Organizational Innovation with Cannabis Benefits

In a budding and highly-competitive industry, cannabis companies need to consistently generate unique products and services in order to stand out. Employee benefits, including a company sponsored 401(k), will inspire long-term innovation and success.


3 Common Questions Regarding 401(k)s for Companies in the Cannabis Industry

This article is designed to share expert insights on three of the most common questions regarding retirement plans for cannabis companies.



3 Reasons Why the ROBS Strategy Benefits the Cannabis Industry

Three of the major issues cannabis organizations currently struggle with include limited access to financial support, high employee turnover, and extensive tax regulation.


Cannabis Organizations Can Legally Offer Retirement Benefits!

Given how few financial institutions are willing to work in the cannabis industry, many cannabis companies are unaware that they can legally offer retirement benefits to their employees.


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Cannabis Companies need to Consider Employee Benefits NOW

Employee benefits play a major role in attracting and retaining workers. With the Coronavirus Pandemic leaving millions without jobs, and weed considered essential, cannabis companies needs to consider their benefits packages.


Major Job Growth in the Cannabis Industry Still Limited By Lack of Employee Benefits

Considering the cannabis industry is growing at a faster pace than most, the pain of hiring is even more acute for cannabis firms.


Leading Retirement Solutions Now Offers 401(k) Plans for Cannabis Companies!

For the first time, Cannabis companies across the country can add a 401(k) Plan to their employee benefits package thanks to the efforts of a group of financial, legal and retirement industry veterans including Leading Retirement Solutions.


Misclassifying Employees in Your Cannabis Business

As the cannabis industry continues to expand and grow, it's vital to understand how to properly classify your employees and run your business with reduced risks of lawsuits.



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