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Our Mission: To proactively support organizations and lead them toward a secure future

Leading Retirement Solutions is known for its expertise in the retirement industry as well as its service model in helping other entrepreneurs, business owners, and retirement professionals find solutions to unique needs and specific goals. We look for people who are honest, enjoy serving others, and above all embody the spirit of an entrepreneur.

We promote and support the professional development of every employee and offer significant opportunity for growth through credentialing and continuing education activities. We believe it is the employee who determines what their next job will be.

All successful applicants have a passion for helping others achieve a quality retirement, always maintain a positive attitude, and enjoy being contributing member of a team.

​For certain positions, LRS employees may be required to successfully pass a comprehensive exam on retirement plans shortly after they are hired.

Career Opportunities Currently Available

Part-Time/Internship Opportunities

At Leading Retirement Solutions we offer plenty of internship opportunities, both paid and for school credit. Even if you don't have experience in the retirement plan administeration industry, you can get a hands-on opportunity to experience a fast growing company. We offer positions in our client services, HR, plan administration, recordkeeping, marketing, and IT departments, along with positions devoted to multiple social responsibility initiatives.

Current Positions

Retirement Client Consultant

Leading Retirement Solutions is looking for a Retirement Client Consultant to join our Client Services team. This position will communicate directly with our clients in an effort to understand their experiences with our company, discuss the services we provide, and assist in any addition requests they may have. Team members must respond to client questions regarding their retirement plans, discuss expectations on meeting regulatory requirements, and collaborate with other departments to resolve client issues.


Retirement Plan Administrator

The Administration Team consists of team members who support all aspects of Plan Administration including participant support and sponsor interaction. Team members provide a high level of communication in the administration of retirement plans and meeting regulatory requirements. Team members communicate with plan sponsors, plan participants and referral partners to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through oversight and coordination of referral relationships and new clients. A consistent expectation to improve processes, workflow improvement initiatives, and program/policy changes are driven by the Administration team.


Retirement Plan Operations Specialist

Join our growing Operations Team and take on a role focused on developing, implementing, and overseeing many exciting strategic initiatives to support our growing company. You will collaborate with leadership to identify, prioritize, develop, and manage key operational initiatives that drive performance and operational efficiency.


Business Development Consultant

The Business Development Team consists of team members promoting the business and mission of the company. Team members serve as the face of the company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. Team members reach out to prospects, customers, investors and/or the community, while creating an overarching image that represents your company in a positive light. The sales team members build relationships with our customers. Team members work together to identify a customer’s unique needs and make sure those needs are met.




Retirement Client Associate

The Client Services team works directly with customers and clients of all kinds of businesses. Team member responsibilities include communicating with clients about their experiences with our company and the services we provide. Team members receive and respond to client or customer questions about properly using or accessing any information regarding their retirement plans as well as expectations on meeting regulatory requirements. Team members implement and on board new and converting plans to Leading Retirement Solutions administration and record keeping services. Team members monitor and maintain the client relationship, receiving and processing client requests for initial and additional services. Team members monitor, analyze and respond to customer or client complaints or concerns and collaborate with other departments to resolve issues.


Retirement Plan Recordkeeper

Leading Retirement Solutions is looking for a retirement plan recordkeeper to join our Plan Administration & Recordkeeping team. This position will specialize in daily trading and reconciliation, and oversee plan and participant transaction activities. Team members contribute to the development of new tools, processes and solutions to create efficiencies for our team and our clients, improve workflow processes, and assist with development and deployment of special projects and new services.

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Sales Consultant

Leading Retirement Solutions is looking for a Sales Consultant to join our team. The Sales Consultant will reach out to prospects, customers, an investors, and identify a customer’s unique needs and make sure that those needs are met. The Sales Consultant will also generate and follow up on sales leads that lead to new retirement plan clients

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Retirement Plan Implementation Consultant

The Implementation Consultant is responsible for oversight of the sponsor, participant, and partner onboarding processes. This includes managing client and advisor expectations and meeting service timelines for new retirement plan clients to ensure a positive and efficient onboarding experience.

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Marketing Associate

Leading Retirement Solutions is looking for a Marketing Associate to join our team. This position will act as a strategist on marketing initiatives, develop and manage campaigns, and create graphics and written content for the company website and social media. The Marketing team serves as the face of the company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business, promoting the mission of the company while creating an overarching image that represents LRS in a positive light.

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If you're interested in a position with LRS please send a resume, references, and any additional applicable information to our HR department:

Culture & Perks

Our best perk is being part of a company culture that inspires our employees to do their best!

Work From Home

Our advanced technology allows for opportunities to work from home.

Employee Recognition Program

We appreciate, recognize and reward our employees for their continuous dedication to the team!

Learning & Development

Our employees can attend talks, conferences, and professional development events.

Educational Allowances

We support our employees' continued education, so they can gain knowledge for career growth.

Referral Bonuses

We encourage our employees to tap into their networks in order to grow our awesome team.

Medical, Vision, Dental, & More

We support our employees and their health by offering great, low cost benefits.

401(k) Matching

We provide the best retirement solutions, not only for our clients, but for employees as well.

Company Values That Inspire Us

Teamwork – Collaborating with team members, clients and partners to maintain a high level of communication, accountability and engagement to achieve our common goals.

Financial Empowerment – We commit ourselves to providing the best retirement solutions to guide our clients toward financial freedom.

Knowledge – Our team of highly trained and credentialed experts work to educate and lead our clients toward success.

Proactivity – We hold ourselves accountable in anticipating regulatory changes and keeping you and your plan in compliance.

Dedication – We provide exceptional customer service and ensure that we are friendly, timely, and responsive whenever corresponding with our clients.

Security – With an emphasis on high technological standards, we lead you toward peace of mind that your savings and investments are protected.

Transparency – We take pride in representing the retirement plan industry as an open, honest, and socially responsible firm with our clients.

Our Team Has A Lot To Say

I work in a very positive environment. I am continually educated to better serve our clients and the industry. The company invests in me and therefore I am happy to invest my time and efforts within the organization.

LRS Team Member

I am viewed as a person rather than a number. I am impactful to the company and the company has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Kimberly V.

LRS is a great and growing organization. It recognizes it's team members for their efforts and makes them the number one priority of the company. As we are growing, new and different opportunities are always available, which challenges me to grow as a professional.

LRS Team Member

Excellent opportunity in a unique and growing industry. Formal training is sponsored by the company with professional mentoring by the team. Employees and their lives matter in the workplace.

LRS Team Member

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