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ROBS Business Financing Solutions

An Innovative Solution for ROBS Entrepreneurs


Have You Participated in the Rollovers as Business Start-Ups (ROBS) Strategy?


You've engaged in the Rollovers as Business Startups strategy (ROBS), now what?

The ROBS strategy can be used for more than just funding your business venture. The ROBS strategy can also be used as a solution to obtain substantial tax credits and business expense deductions, maximize your retirement savings and provide enrollment & investment support for your employees.

The QES Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) is a solution designed specifically for ROBS entrepreneurs who are looking to reduce their plan costs and administrative burden.

Why the QES PEP?

Once you join the QES PEP, Leading Retirement Solutions will handle all aspects of plan administration, including:

•Plan Design
•Plan Recordkeeping
•Access to Traditional & Non-Traditional Investments
•Enrollment, Payroll & Contribution Solutions
•IRS & DOL Support
•Correction services
•Exit Strategies & Plan Terminations
Additionally, the QES PEP can be more cost-effective, with a lower per-employee cost than other plans.



A PEP is a retirement plan for businesses that typically have a common interest but are not commonly owned or affiliated. A PEP operates just like a traditional 401(k) retirement plan, including plan design flexibility, many types of contributions, company/employer support, employee & participant education, flexible investments, and more.


Are you unsatisfied with your ROBS plan and trying to fIgure out an exit strategy? LRS can help you get rid of the stress while keeping all of the benefits.

Which Pooled Employer Plan is Right For You?

The QES PEP isn't one size fits all. We offer flexible options for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses with few employees, and larger employers looking to maximize employee benefits.

The Balance Forward (BF) Program is for companies & owners who only want or need access to qualified employer securities (private stock of your Corporation).

The Fixed and Flex Programs are for companies, owners, and employees that want to invest in traditional investment options (ex. mutual funds).



Leave the administrative challenges to us

Time and Expense

Saving you time and expense by maintaining your employee payroll data

Loans and Distributions

turnaround time for 
transactions such as 
loans and 

Annual Audit

Managing the 
annual independent 
audit, saving you 
both time and 

Employee Communication


How Do I Learn More?

Upon request, our team of experienced retirement plan professionals will walk you through the QES PEP.

We will analyze your situation and walk you through the plan design, responsibility breakdown, and pricing for your QES PEP option.

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ROBS Advisors

Do you currently advise ROBs entrepreneurs and want a better solution for your clients? If you are interested in serving as an advisor on the QES PEP there's a place for you!

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