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Payroll Integration and Contribution Services

Flexible Payroll Solutions 

Payroll Support

If your payroll software won't integrate contribution data to your 401(k) service providers, we offer an enhanced payroll services that reduces the time and effort spent processing payroll contributions each pay period. You could save an average of 30 hours per year!

Premium Contribution Support

LRS works directly with your payroll provider/vendor to process payroll contributions and reduces the administrative time and work required of your team.

Large Payroll Relief

LRS will handle payroll contribution processing from additional accounts and/or for additional companies/units/departments.

Enhanced Contribution Calculations

If your payroll provider is unable to provide company matching contributions each payroll period, LRS will gladly perform this service.

Just the Basics

Does your payroll solutions provide payroll/contribution information only in locked .pdf or some other format that makes it impossible to submit contribution information? If so, this is the service for you. LRS will take care of manual data entry.

Payroll Integration

If manual data entry isn't the best fit for your company, our payroll integration services streamline processes, save time, increase accuracy, and reduce errors for your business. 

Is your payroll and retirement plan contribution process taking too much time?

Are your payroll contribution files difficult to work with?

Is your payroll application connected to your retirement plan?

Don't See Your Payroll Application?

Don't see your company's payroll application on this list? LRS will be happy to discuss the integration between your payroll system and 401(k) plan.

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