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Record Keeping


Save yourself the time and stress by having us take care of your record keeping. We will collect, track, monitor and store all necessary plan records so you don't have to. We also provide an online portal where all your records are securely stored and easily accessed by plan fiduciaries.

Our Recordkeeping team takes care of:

  • Employee and employer contributions, including pre-tax and post-tax (Roth) tracking
  • Employee compensation
  • Vesting
  • Investment allocations
  • Participant loans, hardship withdrawals and other distributions
  • Plan asset valuations and appraisals for traditional and non-traditional investments
  • Investments, distributions, earnings, vesting, forfeitures
  • And so much more


Is your process taking too much time? Are your payroll contribution files difficult to work with? Do you need help processing payroll contributions for your retirement plan? We provide enhanced and customized payroll services to reduce the time and effort you put into processing payroll contributions each pay period. Saving companies an average of 30 hours per year!

Enhanced Payroll Services

Premium Contribution Support

Payroll contribution processing working directly with your payroll provider or vendor! We handle everything needed from retrieving payroll contribution reports, to payroll/contribution data entry, to pulling contributions from your designated account. We even run compliance reviews of your consolidated payroll report vs your retirement plan employee census.

Large Payroll Relief         

Payroll contribution processing from additional accounts, companies, units, or departments! Our base services process up to 26 payrolls from a single bank account. If you process payroll more frequently (e.g. weekly) or you process payroll for more than 1 entity, unit, or, division you will need to secure our Large Payroll Relief services.

Enhanced Calculations   

If your payroll solution is not able to calculate company matching contributions each pay period, we can handle it! We’ll log into your payroll solution, download and retrieve payroll contribution reports, enter payroll and contribution information into contribution processing systems, pull contributions from your designated account, and do compliance reviews of your consolidated payroll report.

Just the Basics                 

If your payroll solution only provides payroll and contribution information in a locked PDF or similar format that makes it difficult to submit contribution information, we can set up customized payroll contribution files required for necessary data upload  into our systems.

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