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White Label Services

Adding new services while maintaining your brand identity

We understand brand equity begins with consistency, which is why we offer our clients a white label service customizable to their brand identity. Our streamlined services create a seamless appearance while adding an amazing benefit for your clients and their employees. We will prepare a custom manual for internal and external use under your brand to ensure both LRS and the client follow the same processes and procedures to maintain a uniform presence.

We will make sure your company’s brand is represented in a way that conforms to your brand identity and follows any brand guidelines you may have

Your clients and their employees will not feel a thing. We understand how important change management is and have protocols in place to make sure the transition is smooth and goes unnoticed.

LRS provides business process outsourced (BPO) Retirement Plan services for employers, administrators, financial planners, and brokers. All disbursed materials and communications will be customized to preserve your brand identity.

Let us design a plan to meet your company's goals



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