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Retirement is Our Specialty

Improving the quality of retirement is our passion

About Us

We put you and your business at the center of everything we do. We are certified administrators and consultants whose mission is to proactively support organizations by providing a variety of retirement plan services, including: custom plan design, administration, compliance, government reporting and recordkeeping. We don’t sell prepackaged solutions or investments, but instead offer access to over 24,000 traditional and alternative investment options for your retirement plan. We partner with you to create solutions that address your specific financial needs and meet your future retirement goals.

What is this quality retirement jargon? Isn't all retirement the same?

Ever hear the expression, "women retire, men die?" Though this is a bit extreme the point is clear: retirement is different for everyone. You may want to retire early and travel the world, or you plan to work for as long as you can because, hey, you actually enjoy what you do. Or you may want to follow a lingering passion to start a new business venture that you've been thinking about for years. How you spend the rest of your life is up to you.

The concept of retirement has changed. Everyone wants something different for their life, and the lines that have defined what retirement is are no longer black and white. And that's where we like to live, in the grey. We believe that your retirement plan shouldn't follow a cookie cutter prepackaged solution for your business or yourself. Your business and your goals are unique and you deserve a retirement plan that should work for you. 

It's your money, your retirement, your way.

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Where we began​​

Leading Retirement Solutions was founded by Kirsten Curry in 2009, when she realized there was a need for business owners seeking retirement and investment strategies beyond what was currently being offered in the world of finance. She started LRS in a coffee shop in Seattle with a singular intent: offer exceptional service and expertise in retirement and investment solutions based on the needs and goals of business owners.

This unique approach to designing retirement plans means we focus on a high-touch approach: we must understand our clients, their business, and what they are trying to accomplish, because only then can we design solutions that will exceed their expectations. This service model continues to be the foundation from which LRS conducts its business.

Where we're going

Like your company, ours is growing. The demand for custom retirement and investment solutions is certain. More and more business are looking to grow and add value to their operations and they need professional support to make it happen. Our clients are located in all fifty states, our network of professionals work in all U.S. time zones, and we work with businesses of all types and sizes; from solopreneurs just starting out to existing companies with hundreds of employees. Let us help you meet your goals.

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Equal retirement

Here at LRS we are passionate about two things: retirement and the success of business owners. Currently, women business owners and leaders lag behind their male counterparts when it comes to retirement. In 2017, we launched a national study surveying women and men in business to identify underlying trends in pay, saving and investing habits, as well as obstacles preventing a quality retirement (download here).

Are you a business owner or leader? Take our survey here, and become a part of this growing movement. You can also find the results of our most recent study here.


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Our 2nd annual retirement gap study will surprise you!

With our most recent study we found that women are more likely to hire a financial advisor, the number of women business leaders not saving for retirement has increased, and supporting dependants affects women's retirement saving habits more than others. For more information about the key retirement savings trends of women business owners and leaders, check out the full study by following the button below.


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