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Client Spotlight: Preston Singletary

October 12, 2015

Our clients are a huge source of inspiration and motivation to the Leading Retirement Solutions team. Every single one of them is hardworking, passionate, and dedicated to what he or she does. Preston Singletary is no exception. As a child growing up in the Seattle area, Singletary originally wanted to be a musician but in 1982 began to set his focus on glassmaking. Our city is known for its incredible glass artists, such as Dale Chihuly and Fritz Driesbach, but until Singletary took on this craft, there still existed a wide gap between Native American culture and glassblowing, which is generally regarded as a predominantly European art medium. Singletary, whose heritage is Tlingit, has begun to fill that gap.

He acknowledges that glass is not a medium commonly associated with Native American works and explains that, “My work with glass transforms the notion that Native artists are only best when traditional materials are used. It has helped advocate on the behalf of all indigenous people—affirming that we are still here—that that we are declaring who we are through our art in connection to our culture.” Singletary’s designs depict scenes of everyday family life, landscapes, clan crests and elements of nature—accurate yet whimsical representations of the stunning scenery of the Pacific Northwest.PS_About_Image1_1020_425_c1

From his website, Singletary says, “My work continues to evolve and connect my personal cultural perspective to current modern art movements, and I have received much attention for striving to keep the work fresh and relevant.” This attention has been well-deserved. Singletary’s work has been exhibited around the world, from Australia to New Mexico, and his most recent show will be held in Chicago next month, at the Blue Rain Gallery for SOFA Chicago. More information on Singletary can be found on his website at www.prestonsingletary.com.

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