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Legal 401(k) Plans Are Available for the Cannabis Industry

While cannabis has made remarkable strides over the years, gaining support from the federal government proves to be an uphill battle. Given the complicated nature surrounding cannabis financial regulations without federal legalization under the Controlled Substances Act, combined with reputation-related drawbacks, many “big name” retirement plan providers are unwilling to support companies operating in cannabis. Ultimately, the vast majority of cannabis organizations are unaware they can offer competitive compensation and benefits packages. To set the record straight, it is 100% legal for cannabis companies to offer their employees retirement and health plan benefits. In fact, a few of the more established names in cannabis – Tilray, Aurora Cannabis, and Canopy Growth – already offer various retirement and health perks to their employees.


Build a Solid Foundation for Your Company by Including Retirement Benefits:

In most organizations, retirement benefits are a standard. As the cannabis industry works towards federal legalization, offering employee benefits like retirement plans will improve the perception of the industry, gaining more legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

“People assume their new employer has a 401(k). At this point, that type of retirement plan is one of those things that has become an integral part of all businesses, but cannabis companies can’t say the same” notes Fred Whittlesey, Founder and Principal Consultant at Compensation Venture Group.

If cannabis companies want to attract and retain loyal, long-term workers, they need to seriously consider implementing retirement plan benefits. Employees in today’s market are searching for opportunities that improve their overall quality of life in ways that are not solely based on salary. In fact, a study from Glassdoor found that the top 3 benefits correlating to overall job satisfaction include health insurance, vacation/PTO, and a retirement or pension plan.

As soon as cannabis becomes federally legal, large financial institutions will want to spring into action to provide more retirement plans for cannabis. Yet, with the Internal Revenue Code already permitting these plans, cannabis organizations can establish a plan right now to keep up with their peers. The sooner a cannabis company offers a retirement plan setup, the further ahead they’ll be in terms of innovation and competition for recruiting, hiring, and retention of employees.

In regard to rules and regulations, cannabis is an extremely complex industry to operate in. Likewise, the retirement plan administration industry is a very complicated space as well. That’s the hesitation for most retirement benefits providers who won’t even give cannabis companies the time of day. Leading Retirement Solutions (LRS), on the other hand, thinks outside of the box, understanding how it can service cannabis companies legally.  LRS already specializes in other nontraditional investments and nontraditional setups, such as the ROBS strategy for business financing.

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Leading Retirement Solutions:

Over the past five years LRS has been working side-by-side with cannabis companies to provide them with the retirement solutions they need and deserve. The Leading Cannabis 401(k) and Leading Cannabis Cash Balance Plan were both designed specifically for companies in the cannabis industry by a team of legal, financial, and retirement industry experts. For more cannabis related information check out our recent blog article regarding what the new “essential business” classification means for companies in the cannabis industry.

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