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Industry and Plan Benchmarks

Insight into what your competitors are offering

Keep your Retirement Plan Competitive! With our retirement plan benchmark reports, feasibility studies, and contribution studies, understand what a competitive benefits package looks like in your industry. Request a report today.

Attract Employees and Save Money

Our industry benchmark reports help you understand how competitive your retirement plan is and ways we can design your retirement plan to maximize employee attraction and retention, retirement saving opportunities, and tax reduction strategies.


Want to know what kind of retirement plan your competitors are offering?

Our plan scorecard will summarize your plan's overall performance compared to that of other plans nationwide. Find out how you compare in terms of rate of return, average contributions, and participation rate.

Interested in improving your tax reduction and retirement savings?

Based on the information you provide, we can suggest strategies to reduce taxes in relation to your retirement plan. We'll also suggest ways to increase retirement saving opportunities and how to attract more employees.

Need to establish a new 401(k), 403(b), or Defined Benefit Plan?

Leading Retirement Solutions continues to install new retirement plans up to the December 31st deadline. Once you see how you compare to your peers, we can suggest a plan that best fits your company.

Does your organization offer any additional retirement or savings plans?

Our Industry Benchmark Reports are designed to provide companies and entrepreneurs with insight into what their competitors and colleagues are implementing and offering in terms of employee benefits, particularly retirement plans (e.g. 401k, Defined Benefit, Profit Share and more).

This information is for illustrative purposes only. Source: PLANSPONSOR Defined Contribution Survey, 2016.

Need to establish a new 401(k), 403(b) or Defined Benefit Plan before the end of the year? There is still time!

Unlike the national 401(k) providers, Leading Retirement Solutions continues to establish new 401(k) and Defined Benefit Plans up to the deadline of December 31st. If you are ready to implement tax reduction and retirement savings strategies, contact us now!

Let us design a plan to meet your company's goals

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