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7 Personal Finance Podcasts To Refigure Your Finances

April 29, 2021

Not sure where to start when it comes to your personal finances? The whole idea is overwhelming for so many people out there. That's why personal finance podcasts are becoming so popular. Here are a few you can start learning from today:

Afford Anything

With a title like that, how can you not check this podcast out? Host Paula Pant has a strong optimistic view, and she wants you to be able to get to grips with your finances. When you do that, you can afford anything you want. However, she's also practical, and says that you'll be able to afford anything, but not everything. She also touches on the emotional aspects of money, bringing in experts to discuss these topics. You can find episodes on why you should avoid debt, as well as financial lessons for her grandma, here. It's one that everyone should check out.

So Money

So Money is a podcast hosted by NextAdvisor editor Farnoosh Torabi, where she talks to many different guests about money matters. They can be anything from entrepreneurs to celebrities. Her episode speaking to Queen Latifah is a must listen. They talk about the racial wealth gap, and how to close it. It's fascinating and practical.

As well as interviews, you can also send in your own questions which Farnoosh will answer on the show. She's relatable and funny, so the podcast is entertaining as well as informative.

This Is Uncomfortable

This is a fairly new podcast on the scene, but it's one that you've got to check out. The show focuses on the way money affects all aspects of your life. One of their most popular episodes is called 'Money Makes Me Sick', and is about the fear so many have of checking their bank account. There's lots of advice on practical issues, such as what to do if you're stuck with a huge unexpected bill. Guests also show up, giving listeners advice on their issues.

Women & Money

This podcast, hosted by Suze Orman, is aimed at 'women and the men smart enough to listen.' Orman is a personal finance guru, so she's able to offer lots of practical and useful advice through the podcast. She usually answers questions from listeners, and covers relevant financial news. As the show is twice weekly, there's plenty to check out. The episodes are around 30 mins long too, so you won't have to set aside too much time to listen.

Planet Money

If you already listen to NPR podcasts, then you may have already heard of Planet Money. This show is just 30 mins long, and packs a lot into that time. Planet Money makes the news about the economy more accessible. It makes it so much easier to understand what's happening in the world today, when it comes to your money. If you want something that's highly informative, but doesn't take long to listen to, then this is the podcast for you.

Side Hustle Pro

This podcast is aimed at women who want to want to turn their passion projects into something that will make money. It has a particular focus on black women, interviewing many women who have gone from working in their garage to owning their own businesses. One of the best episodes is '7 Tried And True Tips For Side Hustling When You Don't Have A Lot Of Time', something that everyone can relate to.

Future Rich

This podcast is hosted by financial planner Barbara Ginty, with plenty of tried and tested advice. She focuses on tackling everything about financial planning, from splitting bills with partners to asking for a raise. She wants you to be able to plan for your future and start being 'future rich'. If you want advice from a true expert, you need to be listening to this show.

With these 7 podcasts, you'll be able to start making personal finance plans and getting to grips with your money. They make it a lot easier to plan and to understand how to make the most of your money.

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About The Author

Lauren Groff is a finance writer with Boom Essays and Essayroo. She also blogs for Lia Help. She focuses on personal finance advice in her writing.

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