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New Horizons Ministries Makes a Difference: One Cup of Coffee at a Time

October 28, 2016


Leading Retirement Solutions' client New Horizons Ministries is making headlines for their work, as New Horizon Ministries partners with youth to exit street life. In essence, they help homeless teenagers find housing and jobs. Their mission is to:

  • Work to end youth homelessness in Seattle and King County
  • Offer services and programs designed to help youth transition out of street life
  • Connect volunteers and service providers in our community to youth in need

The organization was featured on King 5 News for their work. Recently, they helped Thalia Jaca, a 19-year old who has been homeless for at least a year.

She works at Street Bean Coffee in Seattle, which is a part of New Horizon Ministries. She is one of eight apprentices at this coffee store. Jesse Smith, a worker at Street Bean Coffee says, "An apprentice might not have been trusted with much and so to be able to maybe be given a key, may be trusted to open. That's a big deal."

"A good environment can be that motivation because I haven't had that in so long and I've just been craving it. I'm just craving a good environment to be encouraging and healthy."- Thalia Jaca


Read the full King 5 story here.

Leading Retirement Solutions is proud to have New Horizon Ministries as a client and is inspired by their work.

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