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How Can I Use My 401(k) or IRA Monies to Make an Alternative Investment?

December 15, 2015

Did you know that your company-sponsored retirement plan can include multiple types of investment opportunities above and beyond traditional mutual funds? In addition to the mutual funds most commonly provided to your plan, your retirement plan can also offer access to:

• Shares/ownership in your own business• Membership interest in other ventures• Real estate• Agriculture and maritime rights• Other types of loans and liens• Assets such as equipment or livestock

As an example, the owners of Sonoran Medical Centers, a Leading Retirement Solutions client, used their own 401(k) monies to purchase and build a state-of-the art medical facility.

“Being able to invest our retirement plan funds in our own business has provided us with a highly effective and creative financing solution. It’s also aligned plan participants with the financial success of our organization, making it a win-win. We moved our 401(k) Plan to Leading Retirement Solutions so that our plan participants could access Mutual Funds and non-traditional investments. We’re really happy Leading Retirement Solutions was able to make this happen.” – Paul Lankford, CFO for Sonoran Medical headquartered in Glendale, AZ



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