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Why Retirement Professionals Should Join ASPPA

December 23, 2016


One simple way to provide yourself with some clarity when it comes to planning for retirement is to become a member of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA).

What is ASPPA?

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, ASPPA is a non-profit professional organization with two major goals: to educate retirement plan professionals, and to create a framework of public policy that gives every working American the ability to have a comfortable retirement.

In pursuit of these goals, ASPPA offers its more than 7,000 members extensive educational opportunities, paired with a strong advocacy operation that puts you at the center of any legislative debates that could affect what you do for a living. Their educational opportunities include robust credentialing, certificate and continuing education programs, along with the best lineup of conferences and networking opportunities in the industry.

While ASPPA members come from all corners of the country, representing every part of the industry, they are all united by their belief in and commitment to the private pension system.

Kirsten Curry, President and Owner of Leading Retirement Solutions (LRS) is heavily involved with ASPPA, currently serving as the President of the ASPPA ABC of the Great Northwest.

hs16-kirsten"ASPPA is the most significant advocate for the private retirement system. They help to ensure that those within the retirement plan service industry stay educated and informed on pending regulations and trends. A huge benefit of ASPPA membership is access to the collegial network of professionals that are all sharing best practices with each other, and thereby clients reap the benefits."- LRS President and Owner Kirsten Curry

How to Join

The American Retirement Association and its sister organizations, including ASPPA, are already working hard on the Hill, educating our leaders and telling them your success stories. Therefore, every single membership matters. 

Learn more about ASPPA Membership and join today!

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