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Are you a freelance writer or industry expert looking to spread knowledge and reach a wider audience?

Leading Retirement Solutions welcomes the voices of guest contributors, both from inside and outside the finance industry. If you're interested in having your work published on the LRS website and shared with our social media audience, fill out our guest author application today!

Guidelines for LRS Blog Posts from External Sources

  • Please include a suggested title/headline for your blog contribution.
  • All blog posts have a stock image associated with them. Feel free to include any suggested image(s) with your submission. If you do include an image, make sure you have the rights to the image. Check out these sources for publicly available stock images:
  • Most of our blog posts have an introduction sentence or two before the main body of the blog post, both for social media descriptions when we share it online, and for the Meta Description on search engines.
  • Always include links to sources mentioned in a blog article, especially when citing a specific statistic.
  • Only include backlinks and quotes that are relevant to the content at hand. If you include unnecessary or irrelevant quotes just to backlink to sites unrelated to the topic you’re writing on we will request you remove the backlink or quote before we can post your content.
  • If you mention any specific products, books, etc., be sure to link to those too (assuming it’s not self-promotional). Our Blog content is generally educational in nature.
  • When possible, link to other articles on our blog or other blogs for SEO authority.
  • Content in any form should be high-quality, relevant and engaging; quality over quantity. Three key concepts should be instilled when creating new content for LRS:
    • Big Ideas (Why would anyone care to engage with this content?)
    • Insights (What helpful and relevant information are we giving the reader? No fluff.)
    • Takeaways (What do we leave the reader with that they can actually use?)
  • We prefer it when our writers add a bio, but this is not a requirement. That being said, any information about your business and related items should be reserved for the author bio. Occasional mentions, stories, or examples are OK to illustrate a point, but most of the post should be focused on something other than your business or blog unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Please email your content to us in a Microsoft Word document.
    • Make sure your content is between our 300 to 1200 word limit.
  • If you are part of a company looking to trade backlinks, we will gladly write a blog post for your site as well.

LRS is a great and growing organization. It recognizes it's team members for their efforts and makes them the number one priority of the company. As we are growing, new and different opportunities are always available, which challenges me to grow as a professional.

LRS Team Member

Excellent opportunity in a unique and growing industry. Formal training is sponsored by the company with professional mentoring by the team. Employees and their lives matter in the workplace.

LRS Team Member

I am viewed as a person rather than a number. I am impactful to the company and the company has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Kimberly V.

I work in a very positive environment. I am continually educated to better serve our clients and the industry. The company invests in me and therefore I am happy to invest my time and efforts within the organization.

LRS Team Member



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